What our Customers say...


We would like to take this time to personally thank SERVPRO of Flagler County and all the dedicated people that work with this business. We found in particular project managers, Stacey Sanpartia and Tara Gonzalez to be exceptional. With all the damage and reconstruction that needed to be done, it took close to six months to repair the damage. These women never stopped being supportive. Almost every day they offered an update on what was going on and who would handle the repair work. They were thorough in their communication and most impressively, even called us while on vacation. Please give them our sincere thanks for a job well done. Actually, they seem like family members.

Thank you SERVPRO for everything and when an opportunity presents itself to make and referral, we would be happy to!

We experienced a middle of the night flooding in 2 different condos, we called SERVPRO of Flagler County for help us-  they sent 4 people within an hour !! thank you for your professionalism and friendly attitudes! 

We didn't know who to call SERVPRO was recommended by our property manager in Ormond Beach, the whole company was helpful and courteous.. 5 star rating !!!

Very professional and nice crew that came to my home in Port Orange Florida, they stayed all night to help us things cleaned up. 

We had a middle of the night emergency, SERVPRO was there in less than an hour and took care of everything - THANK YOU for the fast and great customer service- we will always recommend you ! 

After hurricane Irma hit, we discovered we had water intrusion in the walls of our beach front condo. We ran a fan and dehumidifier but they weren't enough to dry out 5 different areas so we removed baseboards and cut out drywall to find wet insulation and soaked dry wall. We Called SERVPRO and Cory came to check things out. He. Hacked all of the areas and found most were fairly dry. He told us we were "doing it right". He did find one more wet spot and removed the baseboard then sprayed an anti microbial. Since our insurance carrier was balking because it is a condo, We were so afraid it was going to cost us thousands if we needed all of the big equipment. But Cory was efficient and honest. We couldn't have asked for more. Thank you!!!

I give them a 5 star because they did such a great job and it did not take all day so I was able to still get to work on time. They do know how to satisfy their customers.

Our water heater began pouring water in the middle of the night (of course!). Once we shut off the water, we called the emergency service line and they got somebody on it right away. Luckily, the water was cleaned up and the entire process was very professional.

I just faced a horrible flooding situation where a storage area was under at least 8 inches of water. We discovered it around 5pm and were extremely upset. We salvaged what we could in storage, but were more worried about our home's structure and the water making something nasty grow. We called these guys up and they removed the water, helped to clear out all debris and boxes, and they sanitized it so that mold wouldn't grow. It smells great down there and is now completely dry!

SERVPRO explained the entire process from what was going to happen during remediation to a step by step reconstruction process. When running into an emergency or inconvenience I can't picture a better group people to work with.

Your team showed up early, got to work immediately, and didn't cost me more than I expected. My only hope is to never have to call you again…not because of you but I hope the water damage never happens again! If it does you will be my first choice.

Choose this company over any of the others. They will treat you right and get the job done!

With a tremendous amount of gratitude, I would recommend this company to anyone needing flood damage repairs. They are what a truly professional firm looks like.

I never knew how bad the mold damage in my home would be, but your team of experts was like detectives bringing out cameras and all kinds of testing devices. You made the assessment thorough yet painless, and the clean-up was faster than I thought it would be.

It was unbelievable how truly great your company was. It seemed there was no question you wouldn't answer, or how much time you needed to spend with my parents to make them comfortable. Thanks, your fire damage repair service is Top Notch!

Your team made this clean-up super easy. I never knew mold could cause that bad of damage, but your repair service was awesome!

A truly professional company that can be trusted by any customer needing water damage repair service.

Your friendly staff answered the phone call on the third ring, and was a true professional when he showed up on time to assess my damaged bathroom from an unfortunate bathtub incident. The estimate was worked out with my insurance and I couldn't be happier with the repair. Thanks Again!

A very knowledgeable and polite technician came on time and assessed my fire damage. He then coordinated the entire repair process without delays. Your company will be my first choice!

My bathroom ventilation was not working as well as it should have, couple that with long hot showers and what happens…MOLD! It was almost everywhere, behind the mirror, in the walls, on the cabinets. What is amazing is that we weren't sick. But the damage was extensive. Your company made the cleaning and repairs a quick and mostly painless process. So really…Thanks!

We had no idea the extent of damage that had been caused from our busted dish washer. But after we cleaned up the water, your team was there to get us the help we needed to set our kitchen back the way it was supposed to be. So thankful your team was there!

The water damage was extensive in my laundry room, but your company made the repairs seemed like it was an easy fix. Thanks!

There was mold throughout my cabinets between my dishwasher and sink. How or why it got there was beyond me. What did concern me though was that I couldn't seem to get it cleaned up. It kept coming back, until I called your professional repair service. Then it hasn't come back and it’s been over a year!

I had extensive fire damage in my garage and was not sure we were ever going to be able to afford the repairs. That’s when your guys came in and made it all go away. Thanks, for putting my car back in the garage!

What I found when I called your firm was a polite real life person, who wanted to answer every question I had and reassure me there was no job to large. Thanks for everything!

Your company is the only one I will call for any water damage I have. Hopefully it will never happen again, but if it does you will be my first and only team I trust to do the job right the first time.

The water damage caused by the flood was so extensive that I thought the entire house would be lost. Fortunately your expert team saved my home and only made the repairs that were necessary to overhaul the damage. It was nice to contract a company that could be trusted with our home and lives when we were so vulnerable. Thank You!

Highly recommended company of professionals! Their technicians are like fire investigators who knew where damage would be hiding and never seen. They made sure I was happy with all of their work and walked me through the entire process. I would never use any other company and you shouldn't either.

The flood damage that was in my home was extensive, but it was your company that made this nightmare end. From the people on the phone to the technicians who showed up to assess and clean up the damage it was a true professional effort.

In an odd turn of events, I had mold growing behind my refrigerator. It was being caused because of my ice maker water line had a slow leak and mold had taken over the wall. I would have never known it had it not been for the foul smell. So thankful your team came out to assess the damage and got it cleaned in a hurry.

A small electrical fire in my bathroom caused some bad damage to my wall. Your team were true professionals and did the repair work in no time. Thanks!

When my company worked with yours on a joint project it was an eye opening experience of how a true professional should be on the job! Your team is a shining example of what a company should be, thanks for your help!

When looking for a professional flood damage repair service I would not look any further than this team of experts. There is no job to big or small and they will treat you and your home like it was their own.

Thank you for answering the phone after closing hours, and being a professional service that is dependable. We needed it!

You answered the phone even after hours, showed up when you said you would and didn't charge me an arm and a leg. I am grateful that your company was there in my time of need.

Highly recommend this company to anyone and everyone! Simply the best people and team!

Your company answered the phone with a real person. Came to assess the damage at the appointed time. Made the repairs as promised. Kept the agreed cost, and were total professionals throughout the entire process. Thanks for all you have done for me.

Professional, courteous, and friendly technicians. You surpassed my expectations in getting my water damaged business fixed after the big storm tried to wipe us out. I am so thankful to have a business like yours in our city.

The flood damage couldn't have come at worst time. Not only was the house damaged but so was my car. But the one bright spot through all of this was your company that showed up and made the repairs to the house and found the right professional for my car. Your team is the best!

Last month when my basement had water damage, I did not know where to turn for help or who could be trusted. I am glad your company led me through the entire clean-up of my basement and repaired the damaged walls, pipes, and floors. I will be keeping your contact handy should I or anyone else I know need your help! You're a true life saver!

We had no idea that due to the really wet and hot summer, our dream home had been infected with mold. But when we started investigating our family’s allergies it became apparent we had a serious problem. Thankfully, your team of experts showed up and cleaned up all the damage the mold had created, and then gave us tips on preventing it. Your company is the only one I will call you should this ever happen to us again.

When we bought our house, we turned down flood insurance because we didn't live near a flood plain. Sadly this was a huge mistake because not even three months later. We had a rain storm that caused the back yard to become filled with water, eventually the rain didn't stop and the water spilled over into the house. Thankfully your company made this terrible mistake go-away and after the flood damage was cleaned up we found a new insurance company.

When a pipe burst from my upstairs bathroom, it caused water damage in the walls of my downstairs. Your team came out in a hurry and got the repairs done fast. I couldn't have asked for anything better. Thanks from my whole family!

There was no predicting the flood damage that would be so devastating to our beautiful house. Your repair service made it all disappear just as the water had disappeared. Thank you for getting this job done in so fast!

When flood damage made my office a wreck, I turned to your company. They showed up on time, came in under budget, and made the repairs that were promised. Thanks for being a business that can be relied on when things go bad.

After my son kicked over a space heater in one of our bedrooms I thought the damage and the cost of repairs would cause me to take out a second mortgage. Your team came in under the cost my insurance company would allow and restored my home like the fire never happened.

Your mold repair service saved my house and my health!

Efficient and courteous technicians answered all my questions and gave me a quote that would be accepted by my insurance with little cost to me. Thank You!

You answered the phone even after hours, showed up when you said you would and didn't charge me an arm and a leg. I am grateful that your company was there in my time of need.

Professional and timely service, I couldn't have ever expected to need your flood damage repair services but was grateful when they were there and ready to assist me. Thanks for all your help!

The experience I had with your company was tremendous. I could have never expected how great things were going to be when it seemed everything was so bad.

When a small grease fire took over my kitchen I thought all would be lost. Thankfully, your company came after the fire department and made the repairs that saved my home. I am very grateful you came to the rescue.

I could have never imagined the great service I received when I had so much flood damage. Your repair service is tops in my book!

I would highly recommend this company for any fire damage repair service that anyone needs. They are what a service business should be!

With all the moisture that was in our basement, I was not surprised there was mold damage. Thankfully, your team was there to provide expert repair service. I will recommend you to everyone I know!

After another company came in and made all kinds of promises, we knew it would be too good to be true. So when they failed we turned to you and you saved our home and our sanity. Thanks!

I never expected the logs to fall out of our fireplace, especially when they were on fire! Gallantly, your team showed up and immediately knew how to repair the damage to my floor. When this unexpected accident happened, I was grateful that your company was there!

I had no idea how mold was growing through my air conditioning system. Thankfully, I didn't have to worry about it after calling your expert team. Highly recommended!

The ideas of water damage in my new house were something I couldn't have imagined when I was buying my house. But when the worst happened, your experienced team was there and helped me put my dreams back together. Even without insurance, you kept to your word and came in under my budget. Thank you so very much!

Between the smell of burnt smoke and the damage to by cabinets I was not sure my kitchen would ever be the same. Thanks for your help in making this repair and easy process.

I will recommend this company for any mold problem inside or out!

Keep doing what you're doing-we appreciate your professionalism.

Your technician was very nice and answered all my questions (which were many). Thanks for being so prompt.

They're a hard working, honest team that has gone "above and beyond" to not only do a great job, but also ensure my complete satisfaction. I'm especially impressed with their integrity and professionalism.

John and Josh were very helpful. Very flexible in dealing with the time arrangement we needed. They are a great team!

SERVPRO rocks. I was upset and hysterical and I am in animal rescue So I was really worried about my cats and dogs too...but panicking about all the books and photos stuff still on floor in boxes everywhere. Isaac was our first responder. Poor guy walks into a totally insane situation and words cannot express my gratitude and what a perfect attitude of patience and humor and professionalism. Ill always remember how you helped us thru it and it makes me smile and feel better.

I used SERVPRO of Flagler County to clean an entire townhouse that was vandalized by tenants who were being evicted. From start to finish, the work was perfection. Great job!

I'm a realtor in Palm Coast, FL and I called SERVPRO of Flagler County to get an estimate for a customer to remove mold and they were right there on time and gave the lowest bid. Also my mom had a fire a few years ago and she called SERVPRO and it's true like it never even happened ..She was so impressed Thank you

Extremely helpful!! Would recommend to friends.

These guys are heroes! I've never called and waited more than an hour.

I was impressed by all of the people at SERVPRO of Flagler County. They really came through in our time of need. I would recommend them to anyone!

The great crew at SERVPRO of Flagler County was wonderful, professional and a joy to work with. Thank you so much!

Your entire crew is very professional and efficient. We were very impressed with the service from SERVPRO. You really saved the day.

I was impressed by the crew that came out to help us with our water situation. They really took care of us and made it, Like it never even happened®.

Continue on with the great level of service you provide.

I can't say enough good things about Ed and Travis. They were out to the house within an hour of our call and immediately assessed the situation. They came out the next day with a special camera and saved us a ton of money -- and worry. I would certainly recommend this company and Ed and Travis. I hope I never need this type of help again, but if I do, SERVPRO of Flagler County is the company I will call.

I placed a call to SERVPRO and within a matter of minutes the SERVPRO Flagler team was on their way. Jason & Marcus arrived & took over. We sat on the couch while these gentlemen extracted the water, evaluated the damage & got 21 fans & 2 dehumidifier going to dry out the house. Jason explained every step so we know the process. They put us at such ease after such a panic. I recommend them to anyone & everyone...fabulous team work! Thank you for all you did in this time of need.