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SERVPRO of Flagler Storm Response Team: Rising Above The Storm

8/9/2023 (Permalink)

When a storm strikes, it can leave behind a trail of destruction that tests the resilience of homeowners. Whether it's a powerful hurricane, a relentless tornado, or a torrential downpour causing flooding, the aftermath can be overwhelming. Amidst the chaos, SERVPRO comes armed with a specialized Storm Response Team that stands ready to face the elements and aid communities in their time of need.

When disaster strikes, time is of the essence. That's where SERVPRO's Storm Response Team shines brightly. With our rapid mobilization and 24/7 availability, we ensure that homeowners don't have to face the aftermath alone. Our highly trained technicians and cutting-edge equipment are always on standby, ready to deploy to affected areas at a moment's notice.

Expertise in Water Extraction and Drying:

One of the most common issues after a storm is water damage. Flooding can wreak havoc on interiors, leading to soaked carpets, warped wood, and mold growth. SERVPRO's Storm Response Team has expertise in water extraction and drying techniques. We swiftly remove excess water, implement advanced drying methods, and apply antimicrobial treatments to prevent mold growth, safeguarding both the structure and the health of homeowners.

A Comprehensive Approach to Restoration:

Storm damage can be multifaceted, ranging from structural issues to water damage and everything in between. The SERVPRO Storm Response Team takes a comprehensive approach to restoration, leaving no stone unturned in our efforts to bring homes back to their pre-storm condition. We conduct meticulous assessments, identify hidden damages, and devise a detailed plan to mitigate and repair all aspects of storm-related destruction.

Mold Remediation and Prevention:

Prolonged exposure to moisture can create the perfect breeding ground for mold. Understanding the health hazards associated with mold infestations, SERVPRO's specialists take mold remediation seriously. Our team is equipped to remove mold, restore indoor air quality, and prevent further contamination safely and effectively.

Empathy and Support in Difficult Times:

In the aftermath of a storm, homeowners often face emotional distress, unsure of where to turn for help. SERVPRO's Storm Response Team not only brings technical expertise but also offers compassionate support. We understand the challenges homeowners face and provide reassurance and guidance throughout the restoration journey, ensuring they never feel alone in the process.

Rebuilding and Restoration:

Storms can cause severe structural damage, leaving homes in shambles. The SERVPRO Storm Response Team doesn't stop at mitigation; we go the extra mile to rebuild and restore properties. From repairing roofs and walls to replacing flooring and damaged belongings, our skilled craftsmen work diligently to return homes to their former glory.

When the unexpected occurs, let SERVPRO come to the rescue and help you reclaim your home, one step at a time. Call SERVPRO of Flagler today for a free estimate at 386-447-2202.

Weathering the Storm with SERVPRO

6/19/2023 (Permalink)

Storm season brings with it the awe-inspiring power of nature. While it's essential to appreciate the beauty of storms, it's equally important to prioritize safety. By understanding and implementing precautionary measures, you can ensure the well-being of yourself, your loved ones, and your home. Here are some valuable tips and guidelines to stay safe during storm season.

  1. Avoid Electrical Hazards:

During storms, power outages and electrical hazards are common. Unplug electronic devices and appliances to protect them from power surges when lightning is nearby. Never use electrical equipment or touch outlets if you are standing in water or if they are wet. It's also advisable to avoid using corded phones during storms and opt for cell phones instead.

  1. Stay Away from Water:

When heavy rain accompanies a storm, flash floods become a significant concern. Avoid walking or driving through flooded areas, as even shallow water can be deceivingly powerful. Swiftly moving water can sweep away vehicles and pose a serious risk to pedestrians. Remember: Turn Around, Don't Drown.

  1. Practice Lightning Safety:

Lightning poses a significant threat during storms. If you're outdoors and hear thunder, seek shelter immediately in a sturdy building or a fully enclosed metal vehicle. Avoid open spaces, high ground, tall objects, and bodies of water. Wait at least 30 minutes after the last thunderclap before resuming outdoor activities.

By following these essential safety guidelines, you can minimize the risks associated with storm season and protect yourself, your loved ones, and your property. Remember to stay informed, create an emergency plan, secure your home, seek shelter during storms, and exercise caution around electrical hazards and floodwaters. Storm season may be awe-inspiring, but prioritizing safety ensures that you can fully appreciate the wonder and power of nature while keeping yourself out of harm's way. Stay safe, be prepared, and weather storms with SERVPRO. SERVPRO of Flagler County is here to help with your water damage and prevent any further damage from occurring. Call us at 386-447-2202 for 24/7 emergency services and a free estimate.

Storm response in Florida is a necessity.

1/18/2023 (Permalink)

24/7 Storm Response

SERVPRO of Flagler County has been working year-round to prepare and be ready and equipped for these devastating storms! Whether you think you will be affected by a storm or not, SERVPRO will be here to help you in the case it brews your way. From these storms we see a great deal of lighting that should not be taken lightly as it packs a punch in fire damage jobs and is often times overlooked as a possibility. Of course, these storms bring major water damages to the whole coast and that's just strong storms. Sometimes these storms can be paired with harsh winds, surges, floodtides and excess amounts of rainfall. Often times restoration companies are aware of storms and will prepare ahead of time, SERVPRO of Flagler County stays ready all the time so we don't have to get ready! If you call us in the middle of the night you will get a real person, not an automated line! 

In Flagler County we have hurricane season, which has been known to cause a great deal of water damage. It can be caused by intrusion on the property or appliance malfunction due to power problems during the storm. Although that is just a couple of main causes there are many other scenarios that we have seen and heard of! All of them can be fixed by SERVPRO like it never happened! Our team is highly trained with years of experience on many storm jobs and are very communicative and responsive to any and all disasters.

(386) 447-2202
CALL NOW for a free estimate or any questions or concerns you may have!

SERVPRO of Flagler County

Flagler flooding, rain and lightning!

11/1/2022 (Permalink)

Water damage comes in many ways In Florida many properties face damage from storms big and small. Here at SERVPRO we are actively working with damages for the last major storm!

Storms here can be any size and change in a moment's notice.

Flagler is a nice area that sits right on the coast! So, yes tidal flooding is an issue here and at times can be scary in a major storm. A major storm can cause structural damage and has been known to destruct some roads near the water. It's also been a place that with heavy rainfall it can have some flooding! Flooding is bad here because its location being so wet already and near many water ways. The Flooding will not only sometimes intrude in you homes but sometimes find a hole or crack as a path from outside to the inside of the structure. SERVPRO will this out for you if you've had flooding. Our team has advanced moisture reading technology and the training to replace drywall, flooring and ceiling as needed.

Wind is one Flagler sees with the storms and without the storms! The gusty windstorms have been known to cause exterior damage and at times if strong enough interior damage. Here in Florida, we have a lot of these so-called squalls that come through for a short period of time and in that time, they can be very damaging. Although this wind can be damaging, SERVPRO is on call 24/7 for any disaster that may take place.

These storms also present lightning to Flagler County. Flagler SERVPRO know these lighting storms can be risky business affecting properties and power that sometimes creates a chain of events for malfunctioning appliances.

Tips for a lightning storm!

  • Stay off corded phones, computers and other electrical equipment that put you in direct contact with electricity.
  • Avoid plumbing, including sinks, baths and faucets.
  • Stay away from windows and doors and stay off porches.
  • Do not lie on concrete floors, and do not lean against concrete walls.

If lightning causes your property to catch fire or causes any damage SERVPRO of Flager will assist you in a restoration that will get you back to normal in no time.

SERVPRO of Flagler County

If you have any damage or repairs that need the attention of our team here at SERVPRO of Flagler 

Contact us at: (904)-429-4457

SERVPRO has your back this hurricane season in Flagler!

9/12/2022 (Permalink)

a picture of a hurricane that is taken from the angle of space where it is covering Florida, and heading up the Atlantic. Call SERVPRO OF FLAGLER COUNTY for all your storm response needs : (386) 447-2202!

We know hurricanes can be scary, life changing and even deadly at times. SERVPRO of Flagler county can prepare you before the storm, help you during a storm and service you after a storm.

What to expect from a major storm?

Your typical storm will bring strong wind gust and heavy rain along with severe lightning. A hurricane will bring that on levels that can be devastating, which is why we should always expect and prepare for the worst. You should expect one of these storms to put your power out at some point which can be frustrating but it does happen. Flagler has suffered from many storms in the past and most people know what to expect but we can never underestimate the power of these storms and never be prepared enough. You can also expect flooding as we are located in an area prone to flooding. These major storms tend to pack a punch but it's noting that we can't over come together as a community.

How to prepare for a storm?

There are several tactics and tips for storms, in fact you can see some here : Storm Tips. For hurricanes in particular its best to plan ahead and purchase goods that can be stored at room temperature. During power outages your going to want a cooler to place items that are refrigerated. If you have a leak somewhere now is the time to get that taken care of and to call us. We will also post on our social media story's tips and places you can go to fill dirt and sand bags to help prevent water from intruding your property. Its best to also keep an eye on all of your appliances because some may malfunction and leak water with the power outages, so find that handbook! Got mold? Well now is the time to get that remediated because in due time it will spread like a wild fire and these storms are food to mold and needless to say you will probably be spending a lot of time inside during a major storm.

Call SERVPRO OF FLAGLER COUNTY for all your storm response needs : (386) 447-2202!

Hurricane season upon Flagler, what you need to know!

8/2/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Flagler Pictured here is a photo of the Flagler SERVPRO team working to clean and reconstruct after a horrible storm.

Not only has Flagler County survived many storms before but together as a team with SERVPRO Flager will continue to for many more years to come. With hurricane season being a main concern, we know Flagler also suffers from these regular summer storms as does the entire coast of Florida. How can we better prepare for the flooding that comes from these storms?

Tips on what to do & not to do in the event a storm creates flooding

We projected a storm season that's well above average and this should be alarming and concerning considering the many damages that could come from these storms. SERVPRO of Flagler County knows that with storms come water damage and many other types of damage including structural damage. You should know that an (ERP) emergency ready profile can not only help minimize damages but also keep everyone in the facility or on property safe in knowing what to do in the case of an emergency. You need to know SERVPRO of Flagler County can be there at any time of day or night as we work 24/7 to ensure your home, office and belongings are safe and able to be restored in the event of a disaster. Our SERVPRO techs are top of the line trained with excellent equipment ready on call to provide you with the best service. 

If you're in need of storm damage repairs call us now @ (386) 447- 2202

Flagler County Storm Preparedness with SERVPRO!

7/5/2022 (Permalink)

a picture of a pile of wood from a damaged home from a hurricane and a green servpro truck behind it. Don't wait to mitigate! Call us today at (386) 447- 2202 for a free estimate!

Living in the beautiful Hammock Beach comes with many advantages such as the scenery, sunshine, and Washington Oaks Garden State Park! On the other hand, during the storm season, we may see thunderstorms, hurricanes, or just our regular afternoon storms. You can rely on SERVPRO of Flagler County for all of your storm damage and water damage restoration needs! 

When a storm is taking place, strong winds could be able to pull down trees or pull pieces of your home apart. SERVPRO offers board-ups for windows and doors as well as tarps for damaged roofs. Our team is available 365 days a year 24 hours a day. We do not outsource our calls which means you will always speak to someone from our team. They will be able to send an on-call team over quickly to start the mitigation process. We also offer free Emergency Readiness Profiles which helps us help you. We can set a time to meet at your Flagler Beach home or business and walk the premises. We make note of the water shut-off location, power shut-off location, how to enter the building, who to contact, and set a plan in case you have an emergency. 

Water damage can be caused by a leaky roof, water intrusion can take place by windows that are not well sealed well and these causes can lead to secondary damages. Mold starts to be a concern when the materials stay wet and humid. This can then affect your air conditioning system, ductwork, walls, and floors in your Palm Coast home. Don’t wait to mitigate! 

SERVPRO of Flagler County offers not only water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, and mold remediation, but also cleaning services as well. SERVPRO can clean carpets, drapes, biohazards, sewage overflow, and air ducts cleaning. Call us today at (386) 447- 2202 for a free estimate! 

5 Tips to Prepare for Hurricane Season

6/2/2022 (Permalink)

June officially marks the start of Hurricane Season, and while you can can't predict if disaster is going to strike, it is best to be prepared. Although you can not prevent all storm and water damage to your home, you can organize emergency plans in advance. The following guide explains how you can reduce damage to your property and protect your family. 

How to Get Ready for Hurricane Season

1. Create an Emergency Kit

If you do not already have an emergency kit, now is the time to put one together. This kit should include extra batteries, flashlights, a first aid kit, and a weather radio. Include a supply of non-perishable food, water, and prescription medication just in case. If you already have a kit, inspect and replace any expired items. 

2. Review Evacuation Plans

If you have to leave your home during a storm, set up a travel plan. Review your local authority's evacuation routes and take note of any updates. Have a plan for evacuating your pets, and store important documents in an easily accessible location so that you can leave quickly. Do a practice run with the family to identify any issues and correct them before an actual emergency occurs. 

3. Protect Windows

Installing storm shutters will protect your windows during a fierce hurricane. However, covering the glass with plywood can also offer a layer of protection against broken glass and water damage. If you do not have this material on hand, consider purchasing some in advance. 

4. Clean Your Yard

Remove anything from your yard that could fall or knock into your home due to high winds. For example, you can remove dead tree branches or limbs that hang over your roof. Store any loose items like patio furniture or lawn equipment in a safe place. As a result, you will protect your family and property from harm. 

5. Review Insurance Policies 

Before hurricane season, review your homeowner's insurance policy to confirm you have adequate coverage for storm and water damage. If a storm is in the forecast, take videos or pictures of your belongings. This precaution will help you file an insurance claim so that you can prove the weather harmed your items.  

If a hurricane does strike, SERVPRO of Flagler County is here to help. We have been providing restoration services to homeowners and businesses throughout Palm Coast and Flagler County in times of need. Our IICRC-certified team can restore damage from fire, water, and mold. 

Call us today at 386-447-2202 for more information or to schedule a free estimate!

Early Preparation Time

1/31/2022 (Permalink)

The storm season is to come this year but we are currently in the down season for storms and tourist. This is the best time to get prep work, cleaning, and supplies in order for the storm season. 

Seasoned Floridians know that when a storm is coming is the worst time to decide to stock up on water, shelf stable food, and gas to run a generator. Take the time now to run your generator and do any maintenance so that it is ready to go when the time comes if you need it. Make sure you have gas ready that has not been sitting and will run seamlessly. 

It is also the time to prep your food, medicine, and home goods such as blankets, lights, candles and anything else that is appropriate for a time when there is no running water or electricity. 

All of this prep work before a storm hits will ensure that you, your family, and your business are in the best shape possible when it is time. 

Wrapping Up

11/1/2021 (Permalink)

Storm season is coming to a close and the beach days are becoming fewer and far between with the water getting colder this time of year. Now is the time to complete those house projects you have been wanting to accomplish but it has been too hot to even think about doing those. 

While you are tackling your house projects on your mind it is a great time to also think about ways to be more prepared for next years storm season. With the closing of this storm season many necessities that are usually out of stock will most likely be in stock and possibly on sale as well. If you buy ahead it is a great way to be prepared for next year and get a great deal on the items you need. 

Now that storm season is coming to a close so is turtle season. You will be able to have bonfires on the beach as well. Remember to clean up when you are done and not leave a mess for the next group that wants to have one as well.  

Could you be affected?

9/13/2021 (Permalink)

With the recent uptick in storms rolling through were you affected by the extra amounts of rain? 

Many Floridians do not worry about tropical storms or even Hurricanes unless they are a category 3 or above. While this may be fine for some homeowners, it is not for others. Some homes may be completely unaffected while offers are devastated by the massive amounts of rain these storm bring through our area. 

Now is the time to check your homes exterior to make sure you have no exposed areas where wind driven rain could get in. 

Wind driven rain comes in for the most part from bad shingle work or unsecured corners of a home. 

You can test this by using a hose and having another person stand inside to see if you see any water. It is much more effective to have a small amount of water come into your home from a hose rather than an entire storms worth of water that ruins you waters, structure, and potentially your personal belongings. We would hate to see you unprepared during the next storm. Take precautions now! 

Over Before You Know It

8/2/2021 (Permalink)

In Florida this time of year we have many afternoon showers that everyone know and expects to happen most days if not everyday. What people do not talk about are the freak storms that happen all of a sudden, act like a tornado, and then are gone in a flash and it is sunny again. 

These freaky fast storms are generally the ones that cause wind driven rain damage. Wind driven rain damage is not something that the naked eye can prevent. This kind of damage unfortunately happens and you won't know about it for sometime after until it is too late. You can have inspections done on your home that some may be able to see and recommend a fix for, while others you won't know until they happen. 

The best thing to do once you have wind driven rain damage is to fix the issue and remediate the damage as soon as possible so growth, or potentially more damage do not happen. 

In Florida we get some of the most wacky and unpredictable weather that it is better to be vigilant and ready to act upon once you know its happening or try to prevent the damage before hand. 

Have something that looks off to you and want it checked out? Give us a call today to set up an appointment and consultation!

In the Blink of an Eye

7/7/2021 (Permalink)

We are currently in the midst of Else coming through Florida right now and have experience many changes in her path minute to minute. 

These are the times that you need to be prepared before the storm could turn your direction. You never know when a hurricane could decide to make a sharp turn and come to your area. 

One thing to help during the storm season is to make sure you always have your food, water, and medicine up to date and have multiple days worth so that you do not go without. The same thing goes for your family. 

Another this that you can do if you are a business is to sign up for our Emergency Ready Program. This program allows our representative to come out to your site, scope out the layout, take photos, and put together a portfolio that is available online anywhere. We also keep a hard copy in our office were we to lose power and still need to know where emergency shut offs were and who to contact. 

Is Your Property Ready?

6/24/2021 (Permalink)

We are in the midst of storm season and while we have talked about cleaning out gutters and making sure your are plenty well stocked up on food, what about the rest of your property? 

Now is the time to also be thinking about hazardous trees in the backyard that may need to either be trimmed down or completely gotten rid of all together. 

The last thing you want to hear or see during a storm is a giant tree coming through your window or damaging the room of your house. 

Something else to consider are any freestanding buildings on your land. Do you have a shed or an unsecured deck? Are these items heavy enough that you are sure they will not be taken up by the wind? 

Look up your local ratings for how these things should be secured or even taken down were a storm to come just to make sure you don't have any unexpected surprises during a storm.

Storm Season has Begun

6/3/2021 (Permalink)

Storm Season

Storm season runs from June 1st to November 30. With such a large portion of the year enveloped by storm season it is important to always be prepared. Most families or households tend to stock up at the beginning of the storm season and keep those good for the whole season without switching them out. It is important to switch out things like gas a batteries throughout the season. A good way to make sure you are switching out the gas for say things like a generator is to use the gas continually throughout the season for things like the weed eater and lawn mower. When one canister is empty you fill it up and rotate it to the back of the line for use. This will insure that you always have fresh gas if a storm were to happen and do not need to run out at the last minute before a storm. 

You also need to check batteries every three months in things like flashlights, battery powered radios, and anything else that may run on batteries in your storm kit. Your batteries maybe fine and not depleted, but you don't want to risk it if a storm comes and have to use your back-up right away. 

Make sure you always have adequate water supply, food and medicine for everyone in the household including the pets. Humans in the home will be able to eat shelf stable things but dog food does not last as long, the same goes for medicine. Always make sure your medicine is up to date and you have a few days supply. 

Remember, if you get hit this hurricane season, give us a call. We have the large team in the nation and will be able to help you get back to normal quickly!

Off Season

2/1/2021 (Permalink)

Preparing for a storm is a lot like an athlete preparing in the off season to be ready for the big game. You have to be prepared before the storm comes, not when it is upon you. 

During the off season of storms is the most important to check things such as your generator, breakers, change out old gas for new, and food and water stores for your pets and family members. 

On your list you should consider shelf stable food that can last and be available for when you need it. You should also make sure you always have an extra weeks work of vital medications for anyone in your family.  

You should also make sure everyone in your family has enough clothing to be warm. 

Finally you should make sure you have back-up batteries for anything that may need it such as a radio, phone, insulin pump, or oxygen tank.  

While there is little to no demand for the storms goods you need it is the perfect time to stock up and make sure you and your family are ready come storm season. 

Storm Eta

11/12/2020 (Permalink)

Are you prepared for Storm Eta? With this tropical storm upon us it is time to be prepared. We are nearing the end of storm season, however there are still a few concerning weather patterns hovering out in the ocean. Here are a few things to expect and be prepared for as this storm closes in on our areas. 

  • Avoid walking or driving through flood waters. Just 6 inches of moving water can knock you down, and fast-moving water can sweep your vehicle away. Be extra careful when walking outside. Storm damage such as downed power lines and fallen debris could injure you.
  • 6 hours before arrival. Close storm shutters if possible and stay away from windows. Flying glass from broken windows could injure you. Turn your refrigerator or freezer to the coldest setting and open only when necessary. If you lose power, food will last longer.
  • 6 to 12 hours before arrival. Turn on your TV/radio, or check your local government’s website frequently. You’ll get the latest weather updates and emergency instructions. Charge your phone. You’ll have a full battery if you lose power.
  • 12 to 36 hours before arrival. Bring in outdoor furniture and other items that could blow away. These may become a safety hazard. Bookmark your local government’s website. This gives you quick access to storm updates and emergency instructions.
  •  36 to 48 hours before arrival. Build or restock your emergency preparedness kit. Include a flashlight, batteries, cash, and first aid supplies.

In the future as a storm is coming make sure that you are stocked up on all the necessities such as baby diapers, medicine, enough food and water for you, your family, and your pets. Also make sure that anything valuable is not plugged in at the time the storm hits, or if it is, make sure it is plugged into a surge protector. 

If you or any neighbors are affected by the storm please reach out to us for remediation. We would be happy to come out and take a look for you! 

Is your Business Ready?

9/24/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO offers a unique plan for commercial businesses which ensures that we will be the fastest and most able to take care of your business when something goes wrong. We would love the opportunity to come out and explain how it works in person, more in depth. For now, here is a brief snapshot to get you going. 

For our Emergency Ready Profiles we come out and walk the entire grounds with you, this could be small building or a 20 acre campus. We will look for things like shut off valves, the fastest and more discrete way into the building approved by you, and where our employees should park during the time of service. 

After we have been onsite with you, we will come back to our offices and put together your profile. We do both a hard copy to be kept onsite, if for some reason we were to loose power. We will also do an online version that is accessible to you at anytime and easily make edits to when needed. 

Our program is open to any and all commercial businesses and will come greatly in hand in a time of need. This program speeds up the entire process and get you back to work sooner. 

Please call us to set up an appointment today! 

"Like it never even happened."

Storm Season Start

8/3/2020 (Permalink)

Now that we have had our first big storm of the season come and go it is easier to get a handle on what you need for the season. This sounds a little bit backward doesn't it? During a storm threat almost everyone runs around their home to see what they need, I.E. shelf stable food, gas for the generator, or bottled water. 

This storm we were lucky that it missed our direct area and we are lucky for that. Now is the time to take stock of things you need to filter through and add stabilizer to things suck as the generator and shelf gas. This will allow you to keep the generator running and the gas stable until you need it this season. Another way to make sure you keep things like gas and your generator ready to go would be filter through those things as well. Many weed eaters and lawn mowers use the same kinds of gas, if you can full cans they are dual purpose. 

Whomever in your home maintains things like this should run through everything ever 2-4 weeks to keep them up and ready to go if a storm were to appear over the weekend. It is much easier to be prepared and cycle through everything rather than scramble at the last minute trying to get things and have your generator put in line for a tune up. 

We are here for you when the storm hits! 

SERVPRO - "Like it never even happened."

How is your Business Handling Storm Season?

7/6/2020 (Permalink)

How is your Business Handling Storm Season?

Many companies do not think ahead to consider having a back up plan for when something happens. Some of the things could include hurricanes, storms, fire, mold or even a general cleaning emergency including a bio hazard. 

SERVPRO is here to help you be more prepared for any emergency we can help with. We are happy to come help set you up with emergency service preparations. We will mark emergency water shuts offs, where out team is supposed to park, and have a binder and online plan for how to best serve you. 

Within this binder we will have all locations of areas needed for an emergency, who we need to talk to and even what insurance is on file to reach out to and help you through the process. 

We are here to help! 

SERVPRO of Flagler County 


Flood Coverage

6/24/2020 (Permalink)

What does your insurance cover? It is very important to know what your insurance policy covers for flood, especially in Florida. 

The time to read through your policy, make any changes and talk it over with a consultant is now, before a big storm hits. 

It is likely you have water coverage, and hurricane coverage, however flood is a different story. Most policy's do not have flood coverage unless it is required because of the location of the home, or because it is added by the homeowner for good measure. 

If your home is in one of the first evacuation zones you should have it. Just because you should have it, does not mean that your insurance company automatically put it on there. It is important to be in the know, know the ins and outs of your policy and question anything you think isn't right. 

SERVPRO is here to help in anyway we possibly can. Call us today for your FREE estimate! 


Are You Ready for Storm Season?

6/5/2020 (Permalink)

Hurricane Preparedness

Storm season is right around the corner with possible hurricanes and tropical storms lurking right now. Know that a storm could form and head for the great state of Florida at any moment, it is very important to be prepared for anything that could happen. 

If you are native to Florida you know the craziness that happens when a hurricane has been announced. People go crazy and buy everything possible. 

Everything in stores such as water, generators, back-up batteries, and shelf-stable foods are available now. To make the time of impact easier, you should stock up now. Things such as gas for the generator should be rotated out throughout the summer to keep. The gas can be used for mowers, weed whackers or even run it through the generator for a tailgate. 

To be prepared get a few extra things each time you shop for food. This is lessen the impact on your wallet and your family during a hurricane. 

We hope you stay safe during this storm season, but we  are here at your disposal if any damage occurs on your property. 

SERVPRO of New Smyrna Beach - Titusville

Phone: (321) 264-0205

Spring showers bring spring Flooding?

2/3/2020 (Permalink)

We have all heard the only saying "April Showers bring May Flowers." The less common phrase we think of is "Spring Showers bring Spring flooding." It is not as catchy but definitely something to thing about.  

As the ground has not been as used to holding water and most of the grass has become a little more brown the water may settle on top until it is ready to be absorbed. 

While this water is sitting it can cause flooding to the streets, yards and sometimes even into homes. If  a foundation has any flaws or cracks that water can come in and cause damage. It is important to keep an eye on the exterior walls of the home, as that is were the damage will mostly likely be noticeable first. 

If you do notice any moisture or dampness coming into the home please give us a call and we will come and look it over for you! 


Phone: (321) 264-0205

Fun Storm Facts!

11/13/2019 (Permalink)

33 Fun storm facts

1. A 1995 Storm in Texas had hailstones as Big as Softballs
2. One blizzard in Iran buried an entire village with no survivors
3. Blood red rain poured down on India for a summer (it was algea)
4. A heatwave in California once turned grapes into raisins
5. Once, Earth for as cold as Mars
6. A mudslide can move entire buildings
7. America is the World's Tornado Capital
8. Greenland is the windiest place on Earth
9. Mild autumn weather leads to bigger spiders indoors
10. You can calculate how far away you are from lighting
11. There's such s thing as water tornadoes (Tornadic Waterspouts)
12. A sandstorm once buried a force of 50,000
13. Hurricane Andrew lead to a Python invasion in Florida
14. Lighting is insanely hot
15. The eye of a storm is actually calm and sunny
16. Aristotle believed that thunder was caused by clouds colliding
17. There's a phobia of Lightning and Thunder (Astraphobia)
18. One tornado has a death toll of nearly 700
19. Some storms are more powerful than Atomic Bombs
20. Bigger cities create stronger thunderstorms
21. Lightning can strike the same place twice
22. The majority of Americans believe global warming is real
23. It can rain animals (Only fish and frogs though)
24 .Pine cones can be used to forecast rain
25. Lighting struck and killed an entire soccer team but left the opposing team untouched
26. Most U.S. Tornado warnings are false alarms
27. Once hurricane lasted an entire month
28. Tropical storm names are determined before hurricane season even begins
29. Once, wind during an NFL game bent the goal posts (2008, Patriots vs. Bills)
30. It's only snowed in Florida Once
31. Yes, there's such a thing as "Thundersnow"
32. Cities can get really creative with snow disposal
33. Most people struck by lighting will survive (9 out of 10)

What Is covered under Storm Damage?

8/1/2019 (Permalink)

In a storm it is hard to know where to turn or what to do next. It is important to know what could be covered under your storm insurance. Every policy is different and can vary depending on what is underwritten. The few different coverage to look for include:

- Water and Ice Damage 

- Lightning Strikes and Power Surges 

 - Wind, Hail and Fallen Trees

Under these specific coverages there can be many exclusions, so it is important to read your policy carefully. 

Some things that typically are not included under your normal homeowners coverage include: 

- Earthquakes 

- Floods 

Knowing storms and disasters can happen at anytime it is always best procedure to be prepared. Make sure your home is always ready for an impending storm. 

Somethings that should always be done regularly include:

-Cleaning gutters 

- Checking Roof for missing shingles or spots collecting water, possible damage 

- Removing any dead trees that could be hazardous 

- Making sure a generator is available and ready for any situation 

- Having Food, water, and medications for all family members and pets 

- Knowing where you water and electric shut offs are 

Following these regular house maintenance guidelines will help when a storm event comes about. Here at your local SERVPRO we are always here to help!

What should be in your family bug out bag?

6/27/2019 (Permalink)

When packing a family bug out bag it is important to consider whether or not your entire family is mobile or if some may need assistance. If you have an infant you will need to consider bringing a backpack carrier combo to carry your little one and make it to a safe location depending on the storm situation.

With the other family members you will need to divide up the gear based on who can carry what and maintain the same speed with that extra amount of weight.

Next we want to cover what should be in each bug out back and these are these for an extreme situation. Below is the list of extreme situation gear at minimum:

-Water filter
-Basic First Aid
-Emergency Food
-Personal Documents
-Weather radio
-Extra Food
-Extra Clothes
-Emergency Contact List
-Comfort Items (Especially if traveling with an infant)

Where should you keep these emergency bags? You want them to be in a safe dry place that is easily accessible in a hurried situation. The best place would be in the closet by the front door or in the garage by the exit.

Steps to follow after a storm

6/20/2019 (Permalink)

Safety First

Watch out for any hazards such as glass, nails, and downed power lines. If you see a downed power line let the police and the utility company know. After a storm you may have to leave a message for both if they are overwhelmed with calls, but they will get the message. When inspecting at night use a flashlight instead of an open flame in case there are any exposed gas lines. If there is a smell shut off the main line, leave the area immediately and let the property authorities know.

Assess the Damages

Check to see if there are any holes in the roof, missing shingles, dents or cracked tile or concrete. Anything that is now damage and was not previous to the storm make sure to take photos for the insurance company.

If there is standing water, avoid it. You do not know where the water came from or if there is any electricity affecting it.

Avoid damaging anything any further

If there are any busted out windows, broken doors or open areas make sure to board up to avoid any further issues or vandalism.

Contact your insurance Provider

Contacting them as soon as you know there is damage will help to move the claim along sooner and get your damages approved by an adjuster soon.

Choose a contractor to do the work and repairs

SERVPRO is always available and will take care of the demolition and repairs to get you back into your home sooner.

How to Prepare for Hurricane Season

6/17/2019 (Permalink)

The hurricane season is now upon us and that means it is time to prepare for it. With any storm it is good to have a plan and a list of things that need to happen when a storm is arriving. In today blog post we want to talk about 6 easy steps to help you prepare ahead of time.

1. Have an evacuation route planned ahead of time

Living in a mobile home or within close proximity to the beach buts you at a greater risk for damage as well as a quick evacuation. It is important to know where you will be directly to, where your animals and loved ones will go, and what important documentation you need to take with you.

2. Keep supplies on hand in case of emergencies

Supplies should be nonperishable and changed out depending on the situation. Some of these would include:
- Extra Batteries
- Candles or lanterns
- Prescriptions
- Non- perishable foods
- First aid supplies
- Portable weather radio

3. Inventory all personal belongings

It is important to inventory all personal belongings for insurance and tax purposes. If you have to evacuate your home it is important to know what was lost if a catastrophe does happen to your home. Having pictures of your valuable belongings before the storm and after will make the claim easier for your insurance company.

4. Know your Insurance Policies

Review your homeowners insurance to see if they cover temporary housing, what your deductible is, and what exactly is covered for your home. Read the fine print to know if there are exclusions in your policies.

5. Protect your home

- Use shredded bark instead of gravel or rock in your landscape because it will cause less damage
- Trim trees appropriately
- Install storm shutters or board up before leaving
- Secure your mobile home before leaving
- Anchor your boat or trailer securely to the ground

6. Protect your business

- Put an emergency response plan into place so both employees and the insurance company knows what to expect and take care of.
- Keep all contacts up to date so there is always someone available to talk to.

- Review and understand your insurance policies to know what is covered and what would fall on your the owner to take care of.

Disaster Clean-up

2/5/2019 (Permalink)

A storm can stir up any number of things on your property and it is important to know tips, trick, and if there is a possibility of insurance coverage.  Debris Removal  Debris Removal can be anything from trees to needing a dump truck. These are small items that you need to look into your insurance policy to see if you are covered. Every policy is different and what it covers can vary drastically.  Costs  If there are any mitigation services needed those will need to be taken care of immediately. Having an emergency savings fund in the case that your insurance company does not cover your claim in its entirety or in full. These mitigation services and emergency clean-up measures can help prevent growth in the future.  Precautions  Before a disaster happens it is important to have things such as tarps, water, emergency food, and safe shelter. Being that tax season is upon us, some of these things may be deductible if your area was indeed hit by a disaster. Male sure to not only keep a list of all of your storm gear, but also the receipts in case you are able to claim them on your taxes at a later date. 

Bug out Back Documents

10/19/2018 (Permalink)

When it is time to either evacuate or bug out, depending on the situation or how you use the terminology in your house, people often forget about the documents. Most people think about where they are going, food they will need and fuel for how they are going to get there. 

Documents are some of the most important things to bring because if a hurricane or major storm hits, they may not be there when you come back to your residence, or where ever you keep your documents. 

Your driver’s license - You will need this to check into a hotel, any kind of lodging, or a shelters sometimes to keep track of who is there.

Education certificates - These are documents that are a hassle to replace and often take an extended amount of time.

Bank Information and Passwords - If you are not a part of a nationwide bank such as Wells Fargo or many others you need to have this on hand so you have access to funds in this emergency situation. 

Social Security Card - This is another document that you will need if you have a medical emergency and is incredibly difficult to replace.

Credit Card Information - This goes along with the Bank information. Credit cards will sometimes still work if debit cards will not.

Adoption Papers - These papers come in handy in almost any situation when an emergency arises.

Pet documents -  these should include the adoption papers and any shot records you have. Hotels and boarding places often ask for these and will not accept your pet without them.

Medical and Dental Information- These are self explanatory.

marriage certificate - This document is just as hard to get as a new social security card or drivers license can be.

Religious Certificates - these are miscellaneous docs important to each individual, not specific. 

Your Will - if you have one.

stock certificates - If you have these available, most things have moved to online. 

business registration (if you have one) - This will be really important in a storm situation to be able to check on the physical property to have proof that you can go on the premises. 

Passport - Same as Social Security Card.

Concealed Weapon permits - You should always have this on hand. 

Library Cards – have a backup of the numbers on your phone

Medicare documents - Any healthcare documents need to go with you in the event of a medical emergency.

Website passwords and anything else that is important to you.

What to Do in the Aftermath of a Hurricane

7/28/2018 (Permalink)

After a hurricane or tropical storm has moved on from your area, make sure the local news has given the okay to venture outside. If there is any indication that the storm is not entirely out of your area, wait a while longer, as hurricanes can often spawn tornadoes and hail even after they have left your region. Also, don’t be fooled by the eye of the hurricane. Depending upon the size of the storm wall, you will experience anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour of no storm activity. Never venture out when the eye of the hurricane is passing over, as you can quickly get caught in the storm once it picks back up again.

Once you are certain it is safe to venture outdoors, check the area for any downed power lines. If you find them, report them to the local power company and steer clear of them. Avoid puddles and standing water, as they can house hidden dangers and safety hazards.

Next, inspect your home for any structural damage. Damaged walls, collapsing roofs, and floods are particularly dangerous, and if you encounter them, you will want to evacuate the premises immediately. Document any damage with your phone or a camera. This includes property damage, as well as content damage. Hurricanes often result in water damage and flood damage, and may result in mold and mildew, as well as fire damage.

Once you have taken note of any damage and your family is safe and secure, your next step should be to call your insurance company and a storm damage restoration company, such as the catastrophe remediation professionals at SERVPRO Flagler County/NSB-Titusville  not only can they help repair your property and its contents, they can also help guide you through the insurance claims process and develop a safety plan for any future catastrophic events.

What to Do in the Aftermath of a Hurricane

6/28/2018 (Permalink)

After a hurricane or tropical storm has moved on from your area, make sure the local news has given the okay to venture outside. If there is any indication that the storm is not entirely out of your area, wait a while longer, as hurricanes can often spawn tornadoes and hail even after they have left your region. Also, don’t be fooled by the eye of the hurricane. Depending upon the size of the storm wall, you will experience anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour of no storm activity. Never venture out when the eye of the hurricane is passing over, as you can quickly get caught in the storm once it picks back up again.

Once you are certain it is safe to venture outdoors, check the area for any downed power lines. If you find them, report them to the local power company and steer clear of them. Avoid puddles and standing water, as they can house hidden dangers and safety hazards.

Next, inspect your home for any structural damage. Damaged walls, collapsing roofs, and floods are particularly dangerous, and if you encounter them, you will want to evacuate the premises immediately. Document any damage with your phone or a camera. This includes property damage, as well as content damage. Hurricanes often result in water damage and flood damage, and may result in mold and mildew, as well as fire damage.

Once you have taken note of any damage and your family is safe and secure, your next step should be to call your insurance company and a storm damage restoration company, such as the catastrophe remediation professionals at SERVPRO Flagler County not only can they help repair your property and its contents, they can also help guide you through the insurance claims process and develop a safety plan for any future catastrophic events.

Supplies to keep on Hand During a Storm

6/1/2018 (Permalink)

When a storm is quickly approaching that is certainly not the time you want to be scrambling around at the store to try and get everything that is needed. Have a preparedness kit ready and waiting if the time were to strike is extremely important for you and your family. Below we have put together a list of things that should always be on hand as well as things to do right before the storm hits. In Florida we deal the most with Hurricanes and the occasional Tornado, that is what our preparedness list is based on.

  • Make a list of contacts. Only having the list on your phone may not be the best idea during a storm if power is lost and a back up is unavailable. Were anything to happen emergency responders could use the list to get ahold of family members and contacts if needed.
  • Put together a pack of long lasting items you know everyone is the family will need. This pack should include enough water for each family member for three days. The rule of thumb is one gallon of water per person per day, don’t forget about and animals as well that will need to stay hydrated. Batteries are also very important to have in this pack. Batteries will power your flashlights, radios, and other necessary items during a storm. If the power is out for an extended period also keep candles in the pack for light. Keep your nonperishables in this pack as well for nutrients during the storm. When the time comes closer to the storm would be the time to buy fruits that will last for some time.
  • This next item does not per say go in the pack but is a very important part non the less. Check the outside of your home such as the roof, the siding and the surrounding trees. If the even of high winds and heavy rain you need to make sure your roof and side can hold up. If any trees in your area have lose limbs or look unstable now would be the time to take them out to reduce any possible harm to your home.
  • As mentioned earlier candles may be your light source if the power goes out and you either do not have batteries or want to save them for something else you will need matches. Matches will help keep the area well light with the use of candles. If you happen to have a gas stove they can also be used to light it for cooking.

We know the storm season is quickly approaching and we want to keep you prepared and ready. If anything happens to your home inside or out give us a call to help!

How to be Storm Ready

5/1/2018 (Permalink)

When a storm is announced and is coming for your area it is the time to prepare yourself and your family. An impending storm will mean that you need to be ready, have supplies, and have a plan to better be able to take care of your self and your family.

Some of the best things to have on hand can be done in advance if you are planning to stay in your home. First, come up with an emergency ready plan. Make sure you have everything you need such as canned foods, enough water for each family member, extra batteries, and even a generator. In your plan make sure everyone in your family knows where the power shut off is incase something happens. Also make sure everyone in your family knows where the water shut off valve is. If the storm damages a pipe or a leak occurs in your home, you want to be able to stop it as quickly as possible.

If you have damages to your home in regard to storm, water, or even later down the line mold reach out to use here at SERVPRO.

We are Here After Storms

2/8/2018 (Permalink)

Here at SERVPRO of Flagler County we have the tools and training to help you with whatever disaster gets thrown at you. We have the capability and professional personnel to respond quickly to your needs. As part of the Disaster Recovery Team, we have access to all the man power and equipment needed to help restore your home or business. We will communicate with all involved parties daily to keep the cleanup efforts moving along. This is an important step in keeping the line of communication open. From the owner, to the insurance company, to our SERVPRO technicians and office staff; from water mitigation to fire cleanup, as well as document drying, these are a few of our expansive areas of expertise. No matter where you live, SERVPRO Disaster Response Team is ready to roll. 

Homeowners recovering from the recent Hurricane Irma have been working with our remediation and rebuild departments at SERVPRO of Flagler County. Many of our customers are surprised to find we are a licensed general contractor and have a team in house to help them get their lives back together and make the damage to their home or business, "Like it never even happened."

Call our office at 386-447-2202 to speak with one of our claim specialists to schedule an appointment with one of our Estimators. From Estimation to Completion, our team is ready to take care of your water damage restoration needs.

Aftermath of Storm Damage

10/17/2017 (Permalink)

When the flood waters rise, so do we.

Floods rank as one of the most common and widespread natural disasters in the United States. Did you know on average, floods cost $6 billion in annual losses in the U.S? That's an insane amount! Whether you live near a coastline, along city streets, in the mountains, near a river, or even in the desert, there is a potential for suffering flood damage. With over 40 years of experience, SERVPRO franchise professionals have restored flood damaged homes and businesses from coast to coast. SERVPRO of Flagler County is trained and equipped to handle the largest storms and the highest flood waters. If a flood does strike your home, or business, give SERVPRO of Flagler County a call. Even minor floods have the potential to cause major damage to a structure when not treated quickly and properly. We are prepared to handle any size disaster and any overwhelming cleanup.

Hotel Storm Damage

10/11/2017 (Permalink)

One of the many hotel rooms heavily impacted by the ongoing storms in Volusia County.

Strong winds and heavy rainfall blew through Volusia County, right after Hurricane Irma had passed. Debree and destruction were everywhere you turned. Unfortunately, due to the weather, many tarps were blown off of roofs; creating yet another issue. This local hotel, was just one of many who suffered. Luckily, SERVPRO of Flagler County immediately responded to the call to extract the water and ensure proper rebuild so business was back up and running for this commercial property. With events coming up and holidays quickly approaching, it was extremely important that time was on our side to complete this job. With over one hundred rooms to rebuild and/or repair, our highly trained technicians worked around the clock. We're there for you 24/7- 365! SERVPRO of Flagler County is prepared to handle any size disaster and help make it "Like it never even happened." 

What the Storm Team brings to you

6/5/2017 (Permalink)

When the storm rolls out, we roll in. We are ready to help with Flagler County storms and Flagler Beach flooding.

Hurricane, Tornado, Flooding and Wildfires are just a few of the conditions that can wreak havoc on your home or business.  Over the past few years, we have seen our share of all of these life changing events.  Here at SERVPRO of Flagler County we have the tools and training to help you with whatever mother nature can throw at you.  We have the capability and professional personnel to respond quickly, nation wide, to your needs.  As part of the Disaster Recovery Team, we have access to all of the man power and equipment needed to help restore your home or business.  We will communicate with all involved parties on a daily basis to keep the cleanup efforts moving along.  This is an important step in keeping the line of communication open.  From the owner, to the insurance company, to our SERVPRO technicians and office staff.  From water mitigation to fire cleanup, as well as document drying, these are a few of our expansive areas of expertise.  So no matter where you live, SERVPRO Disaster Response Team is ready to roll.  We have the power to make it "Like it never even happened."

Picking up the pieces after a storm

6/5/2017 (Permalink)

Palm Coast storm damage

Homeowners recovering from the recent Hurricane Matthew have been working with the rebuild department at SERVPRO of Flagler County.  Many of our customers are surprised to find we are a licensed general contractor and have a team in house to help them get their lives back together and make the damage to their home or business, "Like it never even happened."

One of the upgrades many people are taking advantage of when putting the pieces back together is solar powered upgrades.  It's a great way to reduce to cost of running your home!  Below is an article on the benefits of solar power from Solar Fit, our fellow Flagler County Home Builder Association member.

As a proud member of the Flagler HBA we work hard to help protect the community from unlicensed vendors.

Benefits of Solar Energy

Flood Damage in Ormond Beach

5/1/2017 (Permalink)

Flood damage can strike when you least expect it. Like this Ormond Beach neighborhood.

There are several times throughout the year when there is potential for flooding. Examples would be spring storms at high tide with heavy rain fall for a long period of time, summer hurricanes with storm surge, and the winter storms with quick heavy rain that can cause flash flooding. Please read below on how to be prepared and how to stay safe during a flood emergency.

What you can do before the flood

  • Know your flood risk.
  • Make a flood emergency plan.
  • Build or restock your emergency preparedness kit, including a flashlight, batteries, cash, and first aid supplies.
  • Consider buying flood insurance.
  • Familiarize yourself with local emergency plans. Know where to go and how to get there should you need to get to higher ground, the highest level of a building, or to evacuate.
  • Stay tuned to your phone alerts, TV, or radio for weather updates, emergency instructions, or evacuation orders.

Basic Flood Safety Tips:

  • Turn Around, Don’t Drown! ®
  • Avoid walking or driving through flood waters.
  • Just 6 inches of moving water can knock you down, and 2 feet of water can sweep your vehicle away.
  • If there is a chance of flash flooding, move immediately to higher ground. Flash floods are the #1 cause of weather-related deaths in the US.
  • If floodwaters rise around your car but the water is not moving, abandon the car and move to higher ground. Do not leave the car and enter moving water.
  • Avoid camping or parking along streams, rivers, and creeks during heavy rainfall. These areas can flood quickly and with little warning. Please visit for more information on how to stay prepared for all types of emergencies!

Our region is an area that has flooded in the past, and has the potential to flood again the future. It is extremely important to know how to stay safe during a flood emergency, and also how to prepare in advance of a flood.

Please visit for more information on how to stay prepared for all types of emergencies!

Dealing with the Aftermath of Flood Damage in Palm Coast

2/8/2017 (Permalink)

If your property has been damaged by a storm that hit the Palm Coast, then it's time to call SERVPRO.

Quick Response Helps to Remediate Storm Damage Issues

It may not be the regular storm season right now, but the odd one still happens this time of year here on Florida's First Coast. Because of it, flooding is a year-round concern. 

Palm Coast flood damage is not a weekly news story, but the loss of building materials make it a personal one for many residents. SERVPRO has the personnel and equipment to help you put your life and home back together when the worst happens. Regarding effort and cost, one of the largest parts of the restoration process is the drying and replacement of sheetrock or drywall.

The simplest and quicker method of dealing with drywall is to tear it out, dispose the panels in the nearest dumpster and replace them. The cost to replace it, however, can be rather expensive. If you have a budget and are not under a time constraint, then drying the affected panels may be an option.

If they have not been soaked for too long or were in a small amount of water, our technicians may be able to dry them in place using air movers, dehumidifiers, and heaters. They may need to drill several small holes near the bottom of each panel to increase airflow and speed up the drying process. If the panels got soaked for too long, technicians would remove them to a drier location.

Single layer panels take as long as five to seven days to dry completely. Double layer panels (used for sound-proofing) can take from ten to fourteen days. This amount of time is almost as costly as buying and installing new panels, so our team members work closely with you to determine the most cost-effective method for your situation.

The concern in trying to restore drywall is how fragile it can be after getting wet. Even just a puddle of water can make a panel so easily damaged that it falls apart as workers remove it from the wood frame. If enough of them crumble, many insurance companies want to cut the labor costs and just replace the affected panels.

Returning your home to its pre-flood state is time-consuming and expensive. Despite that, removing and replacing drywall is not a process to try on your own. SERVPRO of Flagler County is here to make certain it happens as quickly as possible and as cheaply as we can. Our response team is trained to help you deal with your insurance company. Call us at (386) 447-2202 today to get started with a free estimate.

Hurricane Damage to Florida SE Coast

10/13/2016 (Permalink)

Hurricane Damage in Palm Coast Gets the SERVPRO Treatment

SERVPRO Is the Industry Leader in Hurricane Restoration and Recovery

Hurricanes are naturally, a very dangerous event. High winds, torrential downpours, and storm surges, especially near coastlines, cause billions of dollars in structural damage as well as deaths. While wind speed rates hurricanes (e.g., Categories), the most dangerous aspect of a hurricane is not the wind, but the water. In fact, 88 percent of U.S. deaths from hurricanes and tropical storms are due to water, not the wind. Hurricane Matthew was a Cat 5 storm with surges over 7 feet high.
Hurricane damage in Palm Coast has been widespread due to the recent Hurricane Matthew. Due to the hidden dangers of flooding and storm damage, it is important to leave the cleanup to professionals. The specialists at SERVPRO are a part of the Disaster Recovery Team that has been put on alert after the catastrophic effects of Hurricane Matthew. We are here to take on all forms of damage from the natural, catastrophic events that your home has encountered. Our national network of over 1,700 franchises across the United States have been activated and are ready to take your call and respond to your emergency by our highly experienced specialists. We start our storm services from the local franchise and will broaden the scope of necessary assistance.
Water Damage from Hurricanes
Storm surges, flooding, and other types of water damage are the deadliest aspects of hurricanes and tropical storms. As the leading cause of U.S. deaths during hurricanes, surges account for 49% of deaths and flooding accounts for 27%. Understanding and acknowledging the danger is the first step to avoiding harm. Don't underestimate the powerful force of a rapidly moving water surge. We have all seen videos and photos of people trapped in cars, and what can happen.

However, once a hurricane or tropical storm has impacted your region and your home, immediate action must be taken. First, is your safety. If you have not evacuated your home, it is imperative that you get to a secure location before calling SERVPRO. Many victims of tropical storms and hurricanes had perished when they became stuck in their home during the rising flood, leading to drowning and other trauma due to debris and contamination. The higher the water level, the more crucial it is that you leave your home for your safety.
Our professionals know the dangers of water and storm damage very well. With our specialized equipment and restoration experts, our specialists can respond to your Palm Coast home and get it back to pre-storm condition, whenever possible. From truck and trailer mounted water pumps and generators, to mops and buckets, we have the goods to help you out.
Contact Us
Contact SERVPRO of Flagler County at (386) 447-2202 if your home has been affected by storm damage from the recent hurricane. We are standing by to take your call -- do not wait, call us today!

Hurricanes and Flooding Cause Major Water Damage

10/10/2016 (Permalink)

Hurricanes and Tropical Storms Cause Severe Damage in Marineland and Flagler County

SERVPRO is a Premier Storm and Flood Restoration Company

Hurricanes have caused 8 out of the ten most expensive natural disasters in U.S. history. It only takes one to flood your home and devastate you. The risk of flood damage is not limited to storm surges on the coast of Florida though Hurricane Matthew has been a factor in flood damage.
Flood damage in Marineland is a normal concern to homeowners both on the coast and inland. Living on the east coast of Florida comes with its perks as well as its potential risks of natural flood events. SERVPRO knows that no matter how your home has been flooded, it is distressing and never truly expected. You can be confident that our professionals will treat you and your home with respect during your difficult time.
Hurricane Flood Damage
Hurricanes can rain down a deluge that can create localized and regional flooding where you live. Even a few inches of water can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage, per household. Hurricane Matthew storm surges have resulted in many SERVPRO Storm Response Teams being called into action.
What You Can Do To Protect Your Home from a Hurricane
Besides ensuring your home with not only home insurance but flood insurance, you can take this important preventative step in case a hurricane comes and destroys your home. Most home insurance policies do not cover floods in their policies, so pay the annual fee and get flood insurance if you live in a known flood zone and to protect yourself even if you are not.
Make a plan. Regardless of whether you live alone, with a roommate, or have a family, it is imperative that you develop a plan for everyone in your household. Include things such as the division of responsibilities during a hurricane/flood, who is responsible for gathering certain materials, what to do with pets, evacuation, and so on.
Keep photos, videos, and important documents in a safe place, such as waterproof plastic tubs or bins. These will help you keep all essential items such as birth certificates, passports, and other documents with you and ready to go if you have to leave your home.
Finally, make a plan in case you need somewhere to go. Ask friends, family, or check your local safe areas in case damage or flooding does affect your home. If you are prepared, you have already fought half the battle.
Contact Us
Call SERVPRO of Flagler County at (386) 447-2202. 24/7 Emergency Services and our expert specialists are standing by to answer any questions you may have or to respond to your emergency.

Preparing Your Home for a Hurricane, Sooner Is Better

10/4/2016 (Permalink)

Rely on SERVPRO After a Hurricane or Tropical Storm in Palm Coast

SERVPRO Strongly Suggests that Preparation Before a Hurricane Will Mitigate Damages

With hurricane season upon us (June 1- November 30, 2016), it is crucial that your home is ready to withstand the torrential rains and gale force winds that accompany this natural disaster. Here are several tips designed to help you prep your home for a hurricane.
Make certain everything is secure to prevent or mitigate hurricane damage in Palm Coast.
Begin by securing (and clearing any debris from) your rain gutters to prevent possible water damage before moving on to the windows. Hopefully, you have already installed storm shutters, however, you can board windows up if you have not. Your doors should have multiple locks in place, preferably deadbolts, to prevent doors from flying open.

Pay attention to your yard.
Now is the time to trim overgrown trees and remove damaged branches/ limbs. Hurricane winds can quickly pick them up and throw them into the sides of your home, potentially breaking doors and windows or even destroying the siding. If you are expecting a hurricane shortly, SERVPRO suggests that you place any outdoor furniture, potted plants, or other unsecured items somewhere safe. They can easily become projectiles that damage your home or a neighbor’s home during a hurricane.
Check and reinforce your roof.
If your roof has any loose shingles or tiles, use roofing cement to secure them. Also, seal any areas of the roof where wires enter your home. You may even want to purchase hurricane straps to make certain your roof is bolted to your home. Before hurricane season, it is a good idea to have your insurance agent check your home for wind mitigation. This will advise you on what you can do to have your roof anchored solidly, and this may also reduce your insurance premium.
Take a close look at your insurance policy.
If you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes, it is important to update your policy from time to time to ensure you have an adequate amount of insurance and to address any potential coverage gaps.
Reinforce your garage doors.
Most garage doors aren’t reinforced, meaning that if the wind gets caught inside it can create a push-pull combination that sends your roof flying off and damaging cars and personal items. Fortunately, you can purchase reinforcement kits at your local home improvement store that can brace your doors and prevent this from happening.
Inventory the things in your home.
Even the best planning doesn’t guarantee your home will be able to withstand a hurricane. This is why it is so important to know what you have before it hits. This will make it much to start the claim process once you are out of immediate danger. Photo records and documentation can help you achieve a fair conclusion to your claim provided you have coverage.
SERVPRO of Flagler County can help with your insurance claim, relieve some stress with all this mess, and quickly restore your home to mitigate secondary water damage from the hurricane. Contact us 24/7 at (386) 447-2202.

Be Careful When You're Buying a Property Because Flood Damages Can Be Extensive

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SERVPRO Can Assess and Mitigate Your Flagler Beach Property from Storms

SERVPRO From Assess and Restore Past Hidden Flood Damage

Storms and other damages regularly damage homes in the area. In fact, torrential downpours can cost homeowners thousands upon thousands of dollars in roof repairs, flood damage repairs, and in water damage. Any home could have unknown amounts of water damage that could cost you a lot of money. You never know if a home has been damaged in the past and neglected, which not only harms the value that you deserve for your home; it could even put your family at risk because of unforeseen issues. In these situations, it's up to you to make sure that you have your home inspected by a reputable realtor or agent (or you could call our professional staff and have us do an inspection). There are a few things to look for that signify damages within a home. No matter what home you purchase, you should always perform an inspection. Typically, a mortgaged backed purchase requires a complete home inspection. You never know what you'll find.

How To Spot Pre-Existing Flood Damages in Your Home
Flagler Beach flood damage is one of the situations that we see more often than any other issue. We see water damage in walls and attic spaces, and often in confined spaces that were improperly dried. Sometimes, because these areas are hidden (especially underneath stairs, floors, or inside walls) inspectors miss damages and neglect to write these issues in their reports. Most inspectors (especially our SERVPRO staff) always look in these areas, but not all inspectors are reputable.

Our consultants use different pieces of equipment to find moisture that equates to pre-existing flood damages. One example of this is using moisture probes to check for drywall damages or plaster issues. When we notice these kinds of damages, it usually is the result of  improper drying techniques. Sometimes we use small cameras or infrared cameras to discover wetted areas where technicians can't go. Your inspector should always be working for YOU, not the realtor. We recommend that you hire your own independent inspector to ensure the house is up to code, from the grade and foundation up to the peak of the roof.

Call Our Service Professionals When You Buy Your Next Home
SERVPRO of Flagler County is ideally situated to take care of your issues, so call us today at (386) 447-2202 the next time that you have flood damages or need your home inspected. We're locally owned and operated, and we care about you!

Hurricane Damage Mitigation and Prevention

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Hurricanes are a common occurrence in Florida during the summer months.

Knowledge, Prevention, and Mitigation

Hurricane season is here with us. It starts from June 1 - November 30. However, storms can occur before and after these dates. Annually, hurricanes cause massive damages to homes and other properties, especially in coastal areas. Over several months, during active seasons, hurricane damage can surpass hundreds of billions of dollars. 

Preparation, both before and after a storm is the main key to protecting properties from hurricane damage. Having adequate information on how to prepare for an oncoming storm goes miles in mitigating damages. Additionally, learning the steps to take soon after a storm, also helps in minimizing property damage

Before looking at how we can prevent or mitigate hurricane damage, let us first look at types of storm damage: 

Types of Hurricane Damage 

A storm must bring with them sustained winds of not less than 74 miles per hour to qualify as a hurricane. High winds are the primary cause of storm damage. They dislodge any parts of a building, especially those that are not securely anchored. They also subject buildings to fast-moving rubble carried along by storms. 

On top of high winds, hurricanes also bring with them heavy rains. Doing so makes flooding another common type of hurricane damage, which affects building at the coast and further inland. 

Hurricanes also notoriously produce hail and lightning. These two can contribute to power outages and property damage that can affect appliances and electronics at home. 

Preventing Hurricane Damage 

The primary thing to do is always be up-to-date when it comes to the weather. We should always take immediate action once we know a hurricane is likely to hit our area. Simply put, protecting a home means that we protect the outer ‘shell’ from becoming breached. Therefore, we must ensure our siding, windows, doors, and roof are all in excellent condition. 

Additionally, we should secure our garage door firmly. Plywood and storm shutters come in handy in giving windows added protection. Single-outlet and whole-house protectors prevent power surges from damaging appliances and electronics. 

Sump pumps are effective at protecting the lower part of the house from flooding. Lastly, we should elevate any sensitive appliances and electronics above the anticipated flood level. 

Mitigating Hurricane Damage

Naturally, predicting the occurrence of hurricanes is almost next to impossible. Even with a string of precautions in place, our properties are still susceptible to damage during storms. The good thing is that if we take immediate action after a storm, we can surely minimize effects. 

If the home has flooded, we should not enter until we are sure that gas and power are off to prevent injuries such as electrocution. 

Calling a professional service is highly encouraged as we get to assess and repair all damages caused by flooding, power loss, wind or fire. Professionals also prevent issues such as deterioration of furnishings, walls, flooring, as well as mold growth. 

After winds have ended and a hurricane has passed, cleaning up the mess is just the start. With stagnant water in waterlogged commercial structures, residential homes, industrial facilities, and retail malls, it is important to hire a reputable damage restoration company

SERVPRO of Flagler County has skilled and experienced professionals to restore a building to its pre-storm condition. Moreover, our experts in storm damage mitigation handle everything without disrupting our clients’ daily life. Call SERVPRO of Flagler County today at (386) 447-2202 to explore our variety of damage mitigation services including mold damage, water damage, and fire damage restoration. 

Beware of Tornadoes during a Hurricane

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Tornado Touching Down During a Storm

Weather Patterns Can Quickly Change Bringing On Storm Activity

Withstanding the torrential downpours of a hurricane is stressful enough, yet alone thinking about the possibility of tornadoes spawning during the hurricane. The meteorologist's prediction of a hurricane approaching a given geographical area brings to mind images of torrential rains, high winds, and the chance of flooding. Most people in society would not anticipate or imagine that a tornado could touch down in the process.

Typically tornadoes and hurricanes are described as individual or separate events although tornadoes can develop during a hurricane. In fact, tornadoes have been identified as one of the risks of a hurricane. It is not uncommon for there to be a tornado watch in place during a hurricane when conditions are present that develop funnel clouds. Just because a watch is in place does not necessarily indicate that tornadoes will occur, rather be prepared to keep an eye on the weather for rapidly changing conditions.

Similarly, do not discount that a tornado warning is just a precaution because of the hurricane. Changing skies and worsening weather conditions are often the only clue that this can occur with little or no warning.

Not only do we have to be aware of our surroundings and watch for rising water levels, flooding, high winds, and hail damage during a hurricane, we must be conscious of the widespread eminent destruction and Flagler Beach storm damage added by a tornado. The effects of a hurricane alone are now added to the effects of tornadoes. It is important to understand that both tornadoes and hurricanes both have the ability to cause mass destruction and high winds. Both can create bodily harm leading to an increased death toll in the weather stricken area.
A hurricane can last for a long duration of time ranging from a few days to weeks as it travels across water and increases in intensity. While the hurricane is over the water, the land will undergo heavy rains and winds. As the hurricane gets closer to making landfall, the conditions will become progressively worse. Once the hurricane hits land, there is a chance that tornadoes can spawn with the right mixture of winds and temperature changes. Since wind and temperature conditions frequently change during a hurricane, there is a reoccurring chance that tornadoes can develop. Whether or not the tornadoes touch down will determine if any destruction or storm damage occurs. It is possible for the tornadoes to be visible in the sky resembling what most people call twisters and never touch down. These are reasons why people must be aware of their surroundings, listen to the local weather broadcasts, and exercise safety.

To increase the chances of a successful restoration and clean up after a hurricane or tornado in your home or place of business, contact the experienced professionals at SERVPRO of Flagler County. If you are facing damage, call our expert staff at (386) 447-2202 as soon as possible to help decrease your losses and reopen your doors for business. "Like it never even happened."

The Aftermath of a Storm and Contacting SERVPRO for their Services

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Tree Fell On House During a Storm

Preparation May Not Be Enough When Your Home Is In the Path of a Storm

When news stations report the weather today, people tend to pay more attention to what’s being reported. Since Palm Coast weather can produce many different types of unsettling conditions, it is not uncommon for everyone to expect most anything. It does not matter which areas of the country are impacted by the weather, especially because the most recent storms are causing all kinds of problems and issues of concerns. From large balls of hail hitting windows in the home and causing them to break to flood waters rising because of large volumes of rain coming down for longer periods of time, stormy weather can be very unpredictable.
Making Preparations to Protect the Home Before the Storm Passes Through
Getting ready for the storm before it hits is one of the ways for a homeowner to protect the interest that they have in their property. However, sometimes the preparation made will not make any difference if the winds are so strong that they rip off of the roofing on the top of the home. In some cases, the winds will leave Palm Coast storm damage behind that may cost the owner or their insurance companies tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. So, the aftermath of a storm can be solemn for the owner and their family members.
Recovering After the Storm Passes Through
Typically, after a major storm passes through any area, owners are left with the aftermath to clean up and restore back to its original condition. Based on the severity of the damage that’s left, the owner may need to call a professional storm damage of Palm Coast recovery team to begin the process of cleaning up. These services are usually needed when the storm causes major damage to the roofing or the waters from the storm floods one or more rooms in the home. When this is the case, owners will need to protect their investment by contacting our team of technicians for emergency services. These services are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so we can get started right away devising a plan of action. In fact, we will provide the homeowner and their family members with several key services including cleaning up the excess water, drying the areas impacted in the home, using antibacterial treatments for the family’s safety and restoring the home back to its original condition.
The impact of a storm can be very challenging for homeowners who have had storm damage near Palm Coast. Even though an owner can start the process of protecting the home before it passes through, they cannot always predict what is going to happen and the damage that it is going to cause. However, after the storm has passed through, the owners can hire our technicians to assist with the clean-up and recovery process.
So, for those of you who need a professional to visit your home for an assessment of the damage and a plan, you should call SERVPRO of Flager County at 386-447-2202 today.

Essential Storm Damage Services in Palm Coast for Home Owners

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Oak Tree Damages House

Professional Remediation Services Are Available For Both Storm and Water Damage

According to National Geographic News and Seeker News resources, storm damage near Palm Coast in the U.S. has gotten much stronger in recent years. Unfortunately, scientists are expecting these trends to continue since these activities are often related to global warming and how it affects the earth and its atmosphere. In some cases, it only takes a storm a few minutes to take off the entire roof or leave a home completely disheveled when it takes off the doors and its windows. In either event, there can be minor or massive storm damage that must be repaired.
Even though some homeowners may attempt to repair the damage themselves, it is important to note that the quality of the repairs used can make a major difference in protecting the overall value of the home. Therefore, many professionals in the home improvement and other industries normally recommend hiring specialists in this field to assist with storm damage renovations. Typically, the types of services needed may consists of those that our Palm Coast Storm Damage Team offers, which are listed below.
Storm Damage and Water Removal Services
Similar to flooding, storms can do a lot of water damage in a home. Since our trained technicians have the expertise and the advanced equipment to remove all of the excess water, homeowners can have peace of mind in knowing that all of the water has been properly removed and no secondary damage will be incurred as a result of mold spreading in different places. The water from the storm will be removed from the carpeting, upholstery, other things that the water can be retained in.
Emergency Services Provided
Because storms can happen any time of the day or night, we have trained technicians available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Therefore, if the homeowner needs someone right away to address immediate concerns, technicians will be sent on site to help with getting things started. By responding to calls immediately, we can help to protect your home from additional costly damage.
Removal of Odors and Cleaning Up with Antibacterial solutions
In addition to removing all of the excess storm waters, our team of Storm Damage professionals in Palm Coast are trained to ensure the areas that have been impacted are cleaned with the appropriate types of cleaning solutions. For instance, we send out technicians who know how to treat the site with commercial grade cleaning and sanitizers. This cleaning method helps with ensuring everyone will be comfortable and safety when they are occupying their homes again.
So, for those of you who need a professional to visit your home for an assessment of the damage and a plan, you should call SERVRO of Flager County at 386-447-2202 today.

Flagler Beach Flood damage - Flood damage in Flagler Beach Clean Up Steps

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Flagler Beach flood damage can be devastating.

Clean Up Steps for Flood damage in Flagler Beach

When a family steps in their home after a flood, it's not uncommon for them to take a panoramic view of the Flagler Beach flood damage and what needs to be done. In many cases, all of the water that they see may appear to be an overwhelming loss cause that cannot be saved by any clean up process. However, when the homeowner contacts a professional from the Flagler Beach flood damage company, they can speak with their representatives about their plan for restoration and clean up procedures. Because these representatives have the expertise to restore flood damage areas to normal living conditions, the family can feel more confident in knowing that they save things that they really want and discarding those that can be thrown away. To that end, here're some necessary steps in the clean-up process of flood-damaged homes.
Step #1 - Determine the Scope of the Water Damage
When people think about flooding in the home, they may see a picture of one of two things and that is flooding that comes from lots of water from a storm or flooding that comes from burst pipes. Either way, the team of professional water damage restoration representatives will need to survey all of the damage to see what must be done. In some cases, if the flooding is due to burst pipes, the first course of action is to shut off the home’s main water supply.
Step #2 - Take Precaution with Electrical Gadgets
Because water and electrical gadgets don’t mix, they can result in serious injuries. Therefore, the power to the home should also be turned off until everything has been checked. Further, any electrical appliances should be removed from the wall sockets so that additional damage and electrical injuries will not be caused.
Step #3 - Begin Removing the Water
Removing the water from the home is another essential step that must be done. Getting all of the water out of carpeting, walls, flooring and other areas it is critical to protecting the home’s present and future value. So, it is essential that the owner hires a professional team that has the capability to remove all of the water with the latest equipment in the industry.
So, for those of you who are interested in requesting the services of SERVPRO of Flagler County, you can contact our professionals at (386) 447-2202.

Flagler Beach Flood and Storm Damage

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For Storm and Water Damage Call SERVPRO for Emergency Assistance

SERVPRO Can Restore Storm and Water Damaged Properties in Flagler Beach

Flagler Beach flood damage can be a tragic event to your home or condo. The nature of the assault on your space will dictate the course for successfully restoring your water damaged home. Safety is a top priority. A severe water intrusion can result in electrical, and structural hazards. Don't enter your home under these conditions.
Call your insurance agent as soon as it is feasible. The problem with flood insurance is this---are you covered? If the flooding is a result of a burst water pipe, broken appliance, or a wind-driven water intrusion (broken window, hole in the roof), then standard homeowners insurance policies cover these types of water damage. If your flood is the result of rising water from a coastal tide, rapid water drainage or sewage backup due to inundating ground water, then flood insurance covers the damages. Hopefully, you are covered. This does require a separate policy. Ask your agent for a recommendation for a reliable company to restore your water damaged property. SERVPRO is a preferred vendor for most insurance and many property management companies in Florida. By working closely with your adjuster, we can expedite the cleanup and restoration procedures as we also save you money. We can alleviate stress while assisting you with the claims process and related paperwork. 
When these concerns have been addressed, and if you have been given permission to enter your home, you may wish to document the flood damage for insurance purposes. Be sure that you do take pictures of the flooded areas of your home and any damaged belongings, including furniture. Once you have secured the services of a company like SERVPRO, our inspector will generate a CCIS report which indicates water damage on a room by room basis. This report will show our suggests on retaining salvageable items, questionable ones, and those that should be discarded. The final decision rests with you and your insurance agent.

Immediate water extraction with the use of powerful pumps, wet-vacs, and sump pumps will expel the gross volume of standing water. This rapid water removal will mitigate secondary water damage to furnishings and structural materials. Porous materials like drywall will be safely wrapped and discarded to prevent cross-contamination and the proliferation of mold growth. This growth could lead to unwanted health effects.
It is wise to call a team of professionals like SERVPRO to execute the above procedures which will continue with the placing of air movers, and dehumidifiers to extract moisture from soft materials and the ambient air. The cleanup entails using industry leading equipment and products. Foggers are used to attack hidden pockets of moisture and to deodorize and sanitize the property.
After the clean up has taken place, then repairs and restoration can also be completed by our company that can handle the entire flood damaging event--from assessment to completion. Our goal is to limit costs to you by replacing structural materials and furnishing only as a last resort. Water damage to your Flagler Beach residence will be remedied as we return your home to its pre-flood condition "Like it never even happened."

We're Highly Trained Storm Damage Specialists

As a leader in storm and water damage restoration, SERVPRO of Flagler County has the specialized expertise, equipment, and training to restore your home back to its pre-storm condition. We offer 24/7 emergency service for Flagler Beach, Palm Coast, and Hammock Dunes. Call (386) 447-2202

Steps You Should Take Following a Beverly Beach Storm

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You need to take several steps following these events to repair the damage and prevent more.

Steps You Should Take Following a Storm

Beverly Beach storms can be interesting to watch but the damage they cause to property and vehicles can be expensive and inconvenient. However, you need to take several steps following these events to repair the damage and prevent more.

Of course, the highest priority is to file damage claims with your insurance carrier first, but there several other important steps you need to take as well. This list can help you navigate this often exasperating process.
    •    Immediately after the storm subsides call your insurance agent or agents (if you have your homeowner's and car insurance with different companies) or the toll-free claims number and report all damage to your property and vehicles.
    •    Next, photograph or videotape all the vehicle and property damage. Ideally, you also have photographed or videotaped your vehicles and property sometime before the Beverly Beach storm. The "before and after" photographs or video will be a big help in determining how much damage occurred.
    •    Make any minor repairs you can as soon as possible to prevent additional damage or break-ins and make yourself and your family as comfortable as possible. Be sure to save all your receipts so you can show them to the insurance adjuster. Do not start any major repairs until your insurance company's adjuster has inspected the property. Save the receipts from those projects as well.
    •    If the storm damaged your personal property, do not throw it away until your insurance adjuster has had the opportunity to examine and record.
    •    If the storm flooded your property, disconnect all electrical appliances and electronic equipment and relocate them to a safe, dry place. Move any other damaged household or office items to a dry part of the house, office or other building.
    •    If the damage is considerable, identify your property by putting a plywood sign out front with the address and your insurance company's name. If you can't or don't want to stay there, include your telephone number.
    •    Once your insurance company has reached a final settlement, Choose an experienced, reputable contractor to finish the repairs you couldn't do yourself. Ask the contractor (and anyone you know) for references and then check them out.
    •    Be wary of any contractor who asks for full payment before starting the job. After major Beverly Beach storm, unethical or unqualified contractors often prey upon desperate homeowners. They demand high prices, with payment upfront, and then do substandard or incomplete work before leaving the area with your money.

Locally Owned Company with National Storm Resources

We too are residents of this community; we might even be neighbors. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Flagler County is close-by and ready to respond to storm and disaster events. We are proud members of the Palm Coast community, and we are actively involved in making it the best it can be. 


9/4/2013 (Permalink)

Disaster can strike at any time.

It Doesn’t Cost a lot to be Prepared

It is no secret that many families and individuals are looking to cut back on spending. But with the frequency of disasters, both natural and manmade, can you afford not to be prepared? Preparedness doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. September is National Preparedness Month, and we are asking you to help your family and friends prepare for whatever may come. Here are a few tips* on how you can protect those that matter to you without spending a fortune.

·       Make a Plan. Work with you family and neighbors to make an emergency plan for the types of disasters that affect your area. Make sure everyone in your family understands where to go and what to do in case of an emergency. You can download Family Emergency Plan templates

·       Update Contact Information. Having accurate records for family, friends and neighbors will help you stay in contact and possibly help those in need. Make sure updated contact information is posted in visible places throughout your house and workplace.

·       Check Your Policy. Review your insurance policy annually and make any necessary changes – renters, too! When a disaster strikes, you want to know that your coverage will get you back on your feet.

·       Make a Ready List. You may not need all of the items in ready-made preparedness kits. Choose the essentials that fit your needs and budget. Don’t forget to keep supplies at work and in your car. Sample Ready Lists can be found at

·       Plan Your Purchases. You can save money by thinking ahead. Don’t buy preparedness items just before a storm when they’re expensive and supplies will be in high demand. Buy items at the end of the season when you can get good deals.

·       Shop Sales. Shop at sales and used goods stores. Buy preparedness items throughout the year, instead of all at once, and you won’t notice the cost as much.

·       Make Sure it Keeps. Store water in safe, containers. You don’t need to buy expensive bottled water, just make sure your water containers are disinfected and airtight

·       Request a Gift. We all get things we don’t need. Suggest preparedness supplies as gifts from your friends and family. It just might save your life.

·       Trade a Night Out. Trade one night out to fund your 72-hour kit. Taking a family of four to the movies can cost upwards of $80. Just one night staying in could fund your Ready kit.

·       The best tip: start now. Take small steps toward preparedness and before you know it you will be Ready

We are the Water Damage & Sewage Restoration Experts

We are the Fire, Water, Mold, and Cleaning Experts - available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your emergency

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Clean Up Flooding in Daytona Beach after the Hurricsne

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Some of the emergency water clean up from Hurricane

Last years Hurricane caused this home in Daytona Beach to completely flood. This picture shows the mess left behind after all water had receded and we began our disaster restoration services.

SERVPRO of Flagler County was called in to clean up the aftermath! The owner was thrilled she said "I can't believe you got here so quickly to help in my time of need".

We are the Water Damage & Sewage Restoration Experts

We are the Fire, Water, Mold, and Cleaning Experts - We have certified - trained technicians, state of the art equipment, and the resources to handle any loss any size available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your emergency.

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