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Fun Storm Facts!

11/13/2019 (Permalink)

33 Fun storm facts

1. A 1995 Storm in Texas had hailstones as Big as Softballs
2. One blizzard in Iran buried an entire village with no survivors
3. Blood red rain poured down on India for a summer (it was algea)
4. A heatwave in California once turned grapes into raisins
5. Once, Earth for as cold as Mars
6. A mudslide can move entire buildings
7. America is the World's Tornado Capital
8. Greenland is the windiest place on Earth
9. Mild autumn weather leads to bigger spiders indoors
10. You can calculate how far away you are from lighting
11. There's such s thing as water tornadoes (Tornadic Waterspouts)
12. A sandstorm once buried a force of 50,000
13. Hurricane Andrew lead to a Python invasion in Florida
14. Lighting is insanely hot
15. The eye of a storm is actually calm and sunny
16. Aristotle believed that thunder was caused by clouds colliding
17. There's a phobia of Lightning and Thunder (Astraphobia)
18. One tornado has a death toll of nearly 700
19. Some storms are more powerful than Atomic Bombs
20. Bigger cities create stronger thunderstorms
21. Lightning can strike the same place twice
22. The majority of Americans believe global warming is real
23. It can rain animals (Only fish and frogs though)
24 .Pine cones can be used to forecast rain
25. Lighting struck and killed an entire soccer team but left the opposing team untouched
26. Most U.S. Tornado warnings are false alarms
27. Once hurricane lasted an entire month
28. Tropical storm names are determined before hurricane season even begins
29. Once, wind during an NFL game bent the goal posts (2008, Patriots vs. Bills)
30. It's only snowed in Florida Once
31. Yes, there's such a thing as "Thundersnow"
32. Cities can get really creative with snow disposal
33. Most people struck by lighting will survive (9 out of 10)

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